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Guiding the moves to transform sales performance; more revenue, higher margins
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Sales Performance Transformation

Those who maintain focus, robust processes and development of their current talent, are those who will survive and thrive.
When something is not right, the pain points we recognise first and seek to address are often only symptoms.
  • Are the sales team are struggling to meet their targets?
    Not unheard of for 1 in 3.
  • Do you find sales training effects are short-lived or negligible?
    Can be as little as 13% retained beyond a few weeks if they can't practice it
  • Do the new sales people you recruited live up to their promise?
    It can take at least 7 months to get up to speed for the majority of recruits
  • In the search for new customers are marketing initiatives generating the response you need?
  • Are you losing more deals to your competitors?
Individual symptoms, addressed in isolation can give short term relief but rarely provide a lasting result. Performative recognises that while a remedy for the immediate pain is a priority, a holistic approach, diagnosing the root causes of under-performance would enable them to be addressed in the most appropriate sequence to assure sustainable improvement.
"Performative have unquestionably helped us to become better focused and more structured in all aspects of our selling activities. This has enabled us to accelerate the growth of the company with certainty which is a great foundation for planning and investing in our future.  Throughout the period of involvement with Performative we have found them very supportive and responsive and they have provided advice on a diverse range of topics. They are a great partner to have. "
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